HEMI - "Battle of Britain" (Live at Brauerhouse 5.10.2014)

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.Pulpit rock

HEMI debuted at Brauerhouse in Lombard, IL on May 10th, 2014. High-Definition video shot by Nicholas J. Michalak of RavensFilm Productions (SM). Setlist: Too Little, Too Late Fire in the Sky Ashes to Ashes Driven to Kill Nevermore Larry's Song Battle of Britain HEMI Vocals/Bass Guitar: Trent Zuberi Lead Guitar: Ryan Kramar Rhythm Guitar: Tim Wilkens Drums / Percussion: Mike "Guppy" Cieplik HEMI Official Website hemimusic.com/ RavensFilm Productions (SM) ravensfilm.com/ HEMI on Facebook facebook.com/hemimusic HEMI on Twitter twitter.com/hemimusic HEMI on Myspace myspace.com/hemi Video produced by HEMI MUSIC PRODUCTIONS/LEASH RECORDS/RAVENSFILM PRODUCTIONS © HEMI MUSIC PRODUCTIONS/LEASH RECORDS 2014

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