Temet Nosce - Change can only begin with yourself

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.Pulpit rock

This is a music video production of Temet Nosce`s hit "Change can only begin with yourself". Espen Olsen and Temet Nosce have done several productions together earlier. For this particular track Espen Olsen contacted filmmakers from all over the world via Facebook, resulting in a cooperation project between 24 filmmakers from 16 different countries. All of the filmmakers got the chance to interpretate both the lyrics and music of this track so that they could bring their own story into pictures. Directed, produced and edited by: Espen OIsen performance shot by: Espen Olsen video from around the world shot by: Nixon Contreras Pérez - Columbia Maggie Olkuska - Denmark and Poland James White - England Nick Starwind - England Paul Hubber - England Binny Manikoth - India Rohit Ajitkumar - India Arjun Krishna - India Aanal Kumar - India Manu Balakrishnan - India Cay Roe - Ireland Fabio Schifilliti - Italy Et Cetera inc. - Kenya Jesus Montero - Mexico