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.Pulpit rock

directed and produced by JUNO, Music by Oskar & Oskar (Bosworth Music GmbH). if you don`t have a QR code reader, check Munken Works Scholarship 2013 in Berlin. From January 1st, 2013, artists and creatives interested in the scholarship may submit their applications to The closing date for applications is 15 March 2013. Attendees of the jury will be amongst others Gerhard Steidl (Steidl Verlag), Czesława Frejlich (editor-in-chief of 2+3D)  and Roland Nachtigäller (Director Marta Herford). How does the digitization affect our world? How to establish an inspirational relationship between the tangible and the virtual? How significant will be paper, the ancient culture bearer, in our time? In order to find answers to these questions, Arctic Paper awards three scholarships in the summer months (July, August, and September) of the year 2013. The international scholarships will be awarded to artists and creatives of all artistic dis