La Camera Chiara

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ITA below // The central theme of "La Camera Chiara" is exactly the look (a quote from Barthes ands this work: "I would like a history of looks"). This work also represents a return to his original idea of cinema-video. But this time he does it through the necessary amplification of the digital dimension. Matarazzo works in a very refined manner (even the selection of the soundtrack by Sigur Ròs is extremely elegant) when initially highlight apart of the photo, blocking it out and showing it to us almost as his idea of "punctum" and then gradually replacing it inside its original visual space. There is no novel, no dramaturgic trace, and not even a documentaristic desire. There is the composition of seeing, to beat the time of visual through the photographic representations, the mutability of the signs in a form of light, the stillness that indicates the extreme mobility of time, the extremely dense dynamics of the eyes. Like this if Matarazzo previously had worked on videos based upo