Killing Easter

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I made this film because i wanted to see how it would work if i took something that symbolizes what many like and enjoy (in this case Easter), and mix with a very unpleasant situation (in this case a murder). I think the result came out fine! I shot the scenes in a very bright sunlight, i didn't had any viewfinder so i had problems seeing what i was recording. Also this is my first time doing "shooting stuff" so you may find some weird mistakes... I used FCPX to cut, and After Effects to do some stabilization and the shooting effects, i got the effects from "Action Movie Essentials 2" Music: Angelene - Thomas Azier

Cast: Vitus DalTags: Killing, Easter, Happy, Vacation, Winter, Sun, Snow, Shooting, Ruger gun, Beautiful girl, Woman, Woods, Urban, Vitus Dal, Easter egg, Egg, Rabbit, Chocolate and Chicken